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Daycare For Puppies Programme!

Puppy Academy & Puppy University

Our Daycare for Puppies Programme is specifically tailored for your puppy's ideal social development period, in a safe and controlled environment.

Created by our Head Handler, and Puppy Development Specialist, our Daycare for Puppies programme for puppies up to 6 months old is split into 2 age appropriate curriculums. Located in our specially designed and designated puppy area!

Our Senior Handlers rotate puppies through activities during the day including 1-on-1 obedience training sessions, playtime with 1 or 2 other suitable puppies or adult dogs, confidence building courses, lots of rest, and some time relaxing in our reception area, people watching!

  • Puppy Academy

    2 - 5 months

    1 : 2-3 ratio

    First Day/s:  
    ∙  Puppies spend 1-on-1 time with one of our Senior Handlers building a bond & trust.
    ∙ Puppies may be grouped with 1 other dog depending on how they feel.

    Social Skill Fundamentals:
    ∙ Appropriate greeting of other dogs
    ∙ Appropriate play
    ∙ Listening and responding to other dogs social cues
    ∙ Meeting people
    ∙ People watching
    ∙ Learning to ignore people

    Confidence Building Socialization
    ∙ Encourage exploration
    ∙ Different floor surfaces 
    ∙ Steps
    ∙ Confidence courses
    ∙ Sounds
    ∙ Cars / truck desensitization
    ∙ Body awareness

    ∙ Complimentary nail trims

    Necessary Handling 
    (Co-Operative Care)
    ∙ Nail Trims
    ∙ Vet checks (ear, mouth, etc)
    ∙ Touch desensitization 
    ∙ Brush desensitization

  • Puppy University

    5 - 6 months

    1 : 5 Ratio

    Begin introduction to daycare
    ∙ Small, quiet groups to ease in

    ∙ Complimentary nail trims

    Other info for Puppies:

    • All puppies must be fully vaccinated before attending daycare 
    • Our facilities is cleaned daily with Odarid - a pet safe disinfectant that has been tested and proven to eliminate viruses such as: Canine parvovirus, canine distemper, feline leukemia, corona virus, equine influenza A,  salmonella, e-coli, streptococcus, HIV-1 (aids virus), hepatitis B virus(HBV),  Herpes 1 and 2, legionella pneumophila, enterobacter aerogenes, enterococcus faecium, staphylococcus, listeria monocytogenes, infectious peritonititis, avian influenza,  and most viruses, bacteria and fungi.
      view full data sheet here 
    • What to bring: 
      Lunch &/or treats (if using specific) 
      Own blanket to help settle in
  • Puppy Obedience

    1-1 training with senior handler

    Additional to daycare rate, $30 per session, work on what you request

    Obedience Fundamentals:
    ∙ Look
    ∙ Sit
    ∙ Spin (follow a lure)
    ∙ Recall
    ∙ Name
    ∙ Crate training
    ∙ Toilet training 
    ∙ Down
    ∙ Leave it 
    ∙ Wait
    ∙ Stay
    ∙ Gentle food taking

    Advanced Obedience 
    ∙ Settle 
    ∙ Door control
    ∙ Place 
    ∙ Impulse control
    ∙ Co-existance with other dogs
    ∙ Lead walking

Under 6 months

Puppies Daily

Full Day $60

Half Day $50


Prepay Packages

5 Day Package


10 Day Package


Must be used in 3 months

Daycare Frequently Asked Questions

Does my dog have to have an assessment before booking?

All dogs must go through our assessment process prior to enrollment. This ensures suitability and maintains stress levels as low as possible.

Head over to our Enrollment Process page to see the process in depth.

An assessment for puppies is more of an introductory session rather than a full assessment.

Can my dog stay for the day after their assessment?

Unfortunately not. It is best to have a short, positive experience and build on it in future sessions.

Can I bring lunch for my dog?

You sure can! You can also purchase lunch via the "add-ons" section in the owner portal

Do dogs have access to outside?

All of our daycare areas have full access to both inside and outside all day (except during storms, dogs are kept indoors).

Will my dog be kenneled for their daycare stay?

Short answer, no.

We do not have kennels at our facility, our staff aid the dogs in communal rest, without the need for kennels. We have lots of blankets, bedding, and comfy spots for dogs to settle on, and our staff are available for cuddle sessions (with the dogs of course) when settling.

We do have a few crates available for pawrents who want their dog to have crated rest during the day. This is bookable in the parent portal.

Does my puppy need to be vaccinated before attending?

Yes, we require all puppies to have at least their first round of each vaccination; DHP (parvo, distemper, etc) and Bordatella (Canine Cough).