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Outward Hound

Buggin Out Puzzle & Play-Interactive Treat Puzzle

Buggin Out Puzzle & Play-Interactive Treat Puzzle

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Buggin’ Out Puzzle & Play – The fun starts Meow!Curious cats will love the challenge of the Buggin’ Out Puzzle & Play by Nina Ottosson! Cats bat at the pegs and swivel the leaves to uncover the 16 hidden treat compartments. Adjust the difficulty of the puzzle to make it easier for beginners or more challenging for smarty cats. Let the games begin!

Replace your standard bowl and feed your cat from the puzzle to engage their natural hunting and foraging instincts. The puzzle holds up to 1/4 cup of food, and can be used with both wet and dry food / treats. It is made with food-safe materials that you
Stimulates cats’ natural foraging instincts. Cats "hunt" for their reward by batting the pegs and swatting the leaves to reveal hidden treats. Especially designed for cats, with their natural movements and instincts in mind, and shallow treat cups to access the treats.

Key Benefits:

Fights boredom by keeping your cat busy – Boredom Busters
Helps reduce destructive behavior by exercising your cat’s mind.
Strengthen the bond with your cat.
Fun for all cats – regardless of age & size.
Suitable for dogs too.

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