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Puller Midi 2 Pack

Puller Midi 2 Pack

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PULLER is an interactive device for dogs and owners.
Many people struggle combining a busy life with providing their dog with sufficient physical and mental stimulation. As a result dogs get bored and become destructive, they might get anxious or become reactive. 
The uniqueness of the PULLER is that it is able to provide the necessary workout in a very short amount of time. Just three simple exercises for 20 minutes are comparable to 5km of intensive run.


1. PULLER is made with high-purity polymer. It is LIGHT WEIGHT and therefore allows small dogs and children to use it as well
2. FLOATING, the material allows the projectile to float. 
3. ODOURLESS, has no smell.
4. DOESN'T INJURE  the dog's teeth and gums. The uniqueness of the material allows teeth to sink in the material. The shape and properties PULLER persist for a long time.

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