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Raw Venison Mince 2kg

Raw Venison Mince 2kg

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Venison Mince is 90% Meat and 10% Organ, boneless

Venison is an excellent meat source for dogs due to its high protein content (20-25%), low fat content (>3%), essential amino acid profile, nutritional value, palatability, and as a novel protein source for dogs with food allergies.


Venison is a nutrient dense food source suitable for all stages of life. Venison is rich in B vitamins - B6 & B12, iron, phosphorus, potassium, niacin, riboflavin and zinc in an easily absorbed form, to maintain healthy energy levels, regulating blood sugars and preventing anaemia. It also contains the perfect amount of iron and zinc to support a healthy immune system and organ function.


Venison has a low cholesterol and fat content (less than 3%) , making it a great protein choice for obese dogs, or dogs needing to lose weight. It contains an increased amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids and lower saturated fatty acids that can reduce inflammation.


Venison is a great option for dogs with food sensitivities or allergies, since it is such a novel protein, it can help reduce allergens, irritations and inflammation in pets with food related issues. It is also a great option for dogs who tend to be picky about food, due to its gamey flavour and dense nutrient profile, it is much more palatable for picky eaters. 


Venison can also help senior dogs stay healthy longer. Older dogs need 50% more protein than younger dogs, and muscle wasting and loss of immune function can occur if they don’t consume enough protein in their diet. Diets for senior dogs should contain 25% of the calorie content provided by protein to avoid negative effects


Each cube weighs 80g - 100g.

Visit https://www.elitecaninecollective.co.nz/nutrition/ for more info

Allergy friendly - contains no added grains, beef or chicken


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