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Snack Octopus

Snack Octopus

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The Snack Octopus is the perfect play partner for your four-legged friend. The dog toy combines fun and reward in a clever way and ensures that your dog is challenged both physically and mentally. The six arms of the octopus are equipped with practical slots that are ideal for pastes and round treats. Your dog must now try to lick out the treats or grab them with her paw.

In addition, you can fill the head of the snack toy with your pet's favourite treats. The challenge of getting at the hidden treats will keep your pet motivated and encourage her intelligence and dexterity.



Snack, lick and feast: Trixie snack toys for dogs

What are snack toys and what are they used for?

Snack toys for dogs are the perfect combination of feasting and fun and are a great everyday activity. The toys meet different needs and require different skills. Some require brainwork and dexterity, while others are primarily designed to calm and relax your four-legged friend. Overall, snack toys offer your dog many benefits: Active thinking and finding things out will boost your pet's intelligence and reduce boredom. Your dog also has to use fine motor and coordination skills to get the hidden treats. For dogs that get stressed quickly and need rest periods, toys that allow a lot of licking do an excellent job – by licking, dogs calm themselves down, so they benefit greatly from this type of activity.

Another important point is food intake: this is slowed down by the use of snack toys, which reduces digestive problems and excessive gorging. Thanks to the shared play and learning experiences, pets can also build a stronger bond with their owners and strengthen their trust in them.


You like it in animal shape? Then our Snack Snakes and Snack Octopus are the right choice. They have slots on the underside that you can fill with small treats or tasty pastes. The octopus also has an opening in the head that can also be filled with small snacks. 

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