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Dig It Snuffle Mat

Dig It Snuffle Mat

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The Dig It Play & Treat Fluffy Snuffle Mats are a fun design, full of spaces where dry treats and/or kibble can be hidden to entice your dog into sniffing and foraging for their food. Giving your dog an outlet for these natural canine behaviours is an excellent form of mental exercise, which makes dogs (and humans!) feel more physically tired than physical effort alone! Fifteen minutes of sniffing is as tiring as an hour long walk!

Try feeding a portion of your dogs meals in a snuffle mat a few times a week, and watch how excited they get whenever their snuffle mat gets brought out.

  • Specially designed dog snuffle mat for endless fun.
  • Nosework play mat that maintains your dog's physical health.
  • Hide treats in to stimulate dog's natural instinct.
  • Squeaky racoon toy for added fun.
  • 100% handmade with premium fabric
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